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How To Write The Perfect Wedding Speech

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Groom, Father of the Groom, Bride, or a member of the Bridal Party one fact remains – you’ll feel the pressure to deliver a speech that is both funny and poignant.

wedding speech 4uIf you’re like most people who are called upon to make a wedding speech, you’ll be flattered to be honored with the task.

But as you think about what you’re going to say and try to put those thoughts into words, you’ll find it’s much harder than you originally thought.

How do you express your heartfelt sentiments about the bride or groom?

How do you add humor to your presentation that’s tasteful and funny – that gets a laugh from the guests and the newlyweds without offending or embarrassing anyone – including you.

Those are questions that run through everyone’s mind as they begin to create their wedding speech.

If the very thought of writing a tribute to the Bride and Groom seems overwhelming then you’re definitely not alone.

It’s a common feeling for those chosen for this important task.

Some people fall into the trap of thinking that it’s easier to “ad lib” their presentation.

They think they’ll say just a few “off the cuff” words and finish with a toast and it will be sufficient.

It’s a huge mistake to do that.

In fact, you could find it to be humiliating as you stumble with your words in front of hundreds of people.

You’ll be distracted with the noise of people talking as you speak.

You’ll feel uncomfortable – even panicky. In the back of your mind you’ll think, “This is not going well.”

And if you’ve had a few drinks to bolster your courage you’ll only make matters worse.

Most people are not comfortable with public speaking to begin with.

The added pressure of a formal event such as a reception can get the better of their nerves when the crucial time comes to deliver their speech.

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Wedding Speech Sample Templates

It’s an honor to be asked to give a speech.

And it deserves more than a few minutes scratching some words out on a piece of paper.

Wedding Speech Templates are designed to guide you through the speech writing process by giving you professional examples.

Of course, what the Father of the Groom says in his tribute will be entirely different from what the Mother of the Bride says.

And the Groom’s speech is a completely different format from that of the Father of the Bride.

And that’s what you’d expect – the Best Man is going to tell different anecdotes and have different memories than the Mother of the Bride.

The sentiments will be different.

The Mother of the Bride remembers the Bride as a young girl who has blossomed into a beautiful woman.

The words the Best Man uses will very likely be different from those used by the Mother of the Bride.

That’s why templates are so useful – there are different examples for many of the people who will be called upon to address the guests.

WeddingSpeech4U, for example, is a highly regarded speech template service which provides outlines for many of the speakers at a reception.

Its focus is on providing well-written, professionally worded examples for the type of speech you’ll be writing.

It will help you choose the BEST words….the RIGHT words that express your sentiments.

It will also give you wedding jokes and one-liners.

You’ll be able to see almost at a glance what wedding jokes are appropriate.

And you might choose to use a one-liner to begin your presentation.

Best of all, it’s like being guided step-by-step through the speech writing process – all the way from the opening line to the finishing toast to the Bride and Groom.

Why Choose Wedding Speech Samples

If you had someone create a speech (and toast) from scratch you’d very likely pay $100 or more.

Some speech writers charge even more.

And you have to give them the material to work with.

With speech samples you can mix your own material in with proven material that has been written by professional writers.

Best of all, you can mix and match.

Choose something that’s sentimental.

Add humor.

Or combine humor and sentiment in your tribute.

Cut and paste parts of different speeches to create your own unique presentation and tribute.

When you use Wedding Speech Samples you craft a memorable speech using proven words that evoke humor and emotions.

You’ll find the task much faster and easier than starting from scratch and trying to find the right words that will have so much meaning to the newlyweds.

And there’s an added bonus when you craft a memorable speech…

When you’re well prepared…

…when you’ve practiced your speech and toast…

…you’ll feel much more confident when you stand in front of hundreds of guests to deliver your tribute.

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