Wedding Speeches – How To Boost Your Confidence

How To Boost Your Confidence If You’re Giving A Wedding Speech And Toast

To most people, giving a wedding speech – or even the thought of giving one – is a terrifying thought.

Wedding SpeechesIt’s not just about coming up with an appropriate presentation.

It’s also about talking in front of hundreds of guests – many of whom are strangers.

And for most people public speaking isn’t their strong point. In fact, many people go out of their way to avoid speaking in public.

But eventually they will be asked to “say a few words” – especially at a friend’s wedding.

How To Reduce Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could stand up in front of hundreds of strangers and give an eloquent, funny, sentimental speech that has everyone laughing and applauding and even cheering after you’ve finished?

Usually that skill takes some experience.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t do an amazing job even if you’re not an experienced public speaker.

Here are some ideas to conquer your nervousness and reduce your fear of speaking in public:

1.  Don’t leave things to the last minute

Of all the suggestions I’ll be making, this is the most important because the best way to build confidence is to be prepared.

The more prepared you are the more confident you’ll feel.

That means you have to start well ahead of time.

How you do that is quite simple.

First you want to think about what you want to say.

Think of quotes you might use. They could be quotes from famous people or sections of songs or even verses from a poem.

Think of the theme you might use.

Think of a story you could use.

Think of a wedding joke or two that you could use.

Think about ideas on how you can make your presentation entertaining to the guests.

For example, it might be a tribute combined with a slide presentation.

Or, if you’re a musician and singer, you could sing your speech the way Tom Fletcher of Mcfly did when he presented his groom speech.

Think of how you want to end your presentation with your wedding toast.

As you go along, make lots of notes and jot your ideas down – no matter how bizarre or strange they may seem at first.

Success in speaking in front of the guests is knowing what you are going to say and saying it clearly and distinctly.

If you’re at a loss for words or things to say then be sure to check out the speech samples affiliate link here.

2.  Sort Through And Put Your Material In Order

Now you come to organizing all of your notes to see how to put your presentation together.

If you still don’t have any ideas or you are at a loss for words, get wedding speech samples.

They make the process a lot quicker and easier.

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
Wedding Toasts | Wedding Speech Samples | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

3. Start Writing

If you’re starting from scratch without wedding speech samples then start writing your presentation.

This is your first draft so it doesn’t matter if things are out of order or the wording isn’t quite right.

But just start jotting down ideas and expanding on them.

Try and get your ideas to flow together.

Once you have a rough draft start going sentence by sentence and changing words. Add words. Delete words or sentences.

Make sure your grammar and pronunciation are correct.

Don’t use words people don’t understand. Keep it simple and pretend you’re talking to a friend.

4. Add Humor

Wedding jokes are always a welcome addition to a speech. But they must be treated with caution. Off color or inappropriate jokes will ruin your tribute and be an embarrassment.

Where people make mistakes with wedding jokes is thinking that their joke is funny when it’s not. That’s why it’s always a good idea to used tried and tested jokes and to see whether they fit in with your presentation.

Your jokes can be almost anywhere in your tribute – except at the end which is reserved for your toast. You can start your presentation with a joke or you can include jokes throughout your presentation – there is no hard and fast rule except that any jokes you use should be appropriate.

If humor isn’t your style, don’t include it.

5. Polish and Rewrite

This is one of the hardest parts of writing.

Now you have to either trim or add to your tribute.

Take it section by section.

Read it out loud to see if it flows smoothly.

Ask for advice from friends or family members.

Change words.

Move or change sentences.

If it’s not what you really meant to say, rewrite the section.

6. Time Your Presentation

Once you have a more or less complete draft it’s time to see if it’s too long.

Most tributes at a reception shouldn’t run more than 5 minutes – maximum.

In fact, if the speeches and toasts event is dragging on, the shorter your presentation is the more it will be appreciated.

But don’t leave things out just to make it short.

Stick with your main theme or idea – just don’t drag it out or belabor the point.

7. Rehearse Your Speech

Once you’re satisfied that what you’ve written can’t be improved, it’s time to practice.

You can choose to practice in a couple of ways.

1. You can memorize most of your speech word for word.

2. You can memorize the key points of it and fill in parts as you go along.

Each option has its advantages and disadvantages.

If you memorize everything word for word and then forget something you could falter and be in trouble.

On the other hand, if you memorize only key points you may forget things that you wanted to include.

The best advice I can give is to practice until you feel comfortable presenting it.

If that means memorizing it virtually word-for-word then that’s fine.

If you feel comfortable reading from notes (not reading it word for word) then you might not need to memorize everything. Your notes are your triggers to jog your memory of what you want to say.

Whichever method you choose, make sure your presentation sounds natural and unrehearsed. And avoid at all costs reading your speech and toast.

Presenting Your Speech At The Reception

Now that you have your speech prepared the day will arrive when you have to present it in front of the guests.

First, make sure you have your notes with you. Even if you have your notes on your phone, it’s wise to have them printed out and in your jacket pocket.

You should feel confident that you’re well prepared.

Before you’re introduced by the Wedding MC take some slow, deep breaths.

Make sure you’re relatively close to where you will speak. You want to be able to get to the microphone quickly rather than walking across the room.

Get yourself grounded. Take your notes out if you have to.

Look at the audience.

Thank the Master of Ceremonies then address the guests.

Stay relaxed.

Don’t fidget.

Depending on the circumstances you might move around a little – especially if you’re going to be near the bride and groom.

If there’s a microphone, it does help to know how to use if beforehand. If possible, check with the MC before the reception starts and find out where you will speak.

Keep the microphone about 12 inches from your mouth. There’s no need to speak loudly since your voice will be amplified.

If there’s no microphone then you’ll have to speak loudly. Be prepared for noise while you speak – it could be the venue or catering staff as they clear dishes or prepare a serving or it could be other guests who are not paying attention.

Speak clearly and normally.

Don’t rush your presentation.

Take your time.

Pause if you have to.

If guests laugh at a joke, don’t cut them off. Enjoy the laughter since they laughed at one of your jokes.

If you’re nervous to begin with, that’s fine. Even experienced speakers and comedians are nervous before they begin.

In fact, being nervous can help your presentation. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re scared to death. It also means you’re excited to make a speech and pay tribute to the bride and groom.

Remember, don’t apologize for your nervousness. Hide it as best as you can and continue. Usually, people find that their nervousness lessens a short while after they begin talking.

Conclude with a toast.

Ask the guests to stand or to raise their glasses and toast the newlyweds.

Wedding Speech Samples

One of the best ways to feel even more confident preparing your tribute is with professionally written speech samples.

Sometimes the right words just don’t come to mind.

You don’t know how to express your sentiments.

Or you’d like to add some wedding jokes but you don’t know any.

That’s when you turn to all ready prepared samples – templates with wording to use, one liners, wedding jokes, and more to make it quick and easy for you.

Take the stress out of preparing your presentation with these templates…

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Mother of Bride Speeches

How To Give A Sentimental and Funny Mother of Bride Speech

Of all the people who attend the reception, the Mother of the Bride is one of the proudest.

Mother of Bride SpeechAfter all, her beautiful daughter is about to be married.

It’s rare when the Bride’s mother isn’t involved with the wedding planning – from the initial stages all the way to welcoming guests at the reception.

If you’re the Mother of the Bride you have one goal in mind: To see that your daughter’s special day is nothing short of perfect and represents a day to remember for the rest of her life.

Even with all of the duties the Bride’s mother performs in helping prepare for her daughter’s important day, there’s one duty that is usually expected at the reception.

And that’s giving a Mother of the Bride Speech.

What many people don’t realize though is that because the MOB is so busy, she doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare her tribute to the Bride and Groom.

And yet, it would be noticed – and a huge disappointment to her daughter – if her speech were not perfect.

Fortunately, if you’re the MOB you don’t have to panic if time is short and you have to give a speech.

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
Wedding Toasts | Wedding Speech Samples | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

What Do You Want To Accomplish With Your Mother of the Bride Speech?


If this is the first time you’ve given a Mother of the Bride wedding speech then there are certain things you’ll probably want to achieve.

1. You want to start strongly and capture the guests’ attention immediately.

This is important because you’ll very likely find that there will be noise and people talking while you are addressing the guests.

One of the best ways to do this is to start off with humor.

2. You want your tribute to be sentimental…with a touch of humor. And you want to know how to blend the two so there’s a perfect balance.

3. You want to feel confident. You don’t want to make a fool of yourself and be humiliated in front of 100 or more guests.

4. You want to give a special tribute to your daughter and her groom.

You want it to be memorable – something your daughter and her groom will remember with affection.

Your presentation will be one of the highlights of your daughter’s wedding. It’s one that you’ll look back and remember with pride.

And it’s definitely one that will be cherished by your daughter.

But, if you’re like most Mothers of the Bride, you don’t know where to start or what to say.

You don’t know jokes or quotations that are appropriate for weddings.

And you don’t know how to word your feelings and sentiments so they are meaningful – especially to your daughter.

Not only that, you need inspiration to get ideas flowing so you can create a memorable tribute.

An Outline For A Loving and Meaningful Speech


There’s a specific outline you can use that covers the basic formalities of your speech for virtually any reception.

1. First, you want to thank your guests for attending this important day.

Many times people travel long distances to attend a wedding.

Some fly from other countries or other parts of your own country.

And it’s not unusual for elderly people to attend too.

So it’s important to acknowledge the special effort these guests have made to celebrate your daughter’s wedding.

2. Next, you acknowledge those who made a special contribution to the wedding planning.

This could be those who helped decorate the reception hall.

It could be that a relative or friend contributed to baking the wedding cake or making the signage or helped with the decorations.

Or it could be a general acknowledgement to the caterers and florist for the wonderful buffet meal and the beautiful flowers and centerpieces that adorn the reception hall.

3. Next, you will launch into your presentation.

A short anecdote about your daughter is appropriate.

A poignant memory.

A special time as mother and daughter.

Perhaps a humorous experience.

This is what marks the special relationship between a mother and her daughter and why a daughter’s wedding is so important to the mother as well.

You might include a wedding joke, too.

4. Finally, you will pay tribute to the Bride and Groom with an uplifting toast.

You will toast to their future happiness and a loving marriage filled with joy, laughter, and children.

It seems so simple to write a few words and have the audience listen to every word you speak, doesn’t it?

The reality is completely different, though.

How do you find the words to tell your daughter how much you love her?

And how do you end your speech on a high note with a toast that fills guests’ eyes with tears?

It really is an accomplishment to achieve those things in front of hundreds of people who are at the reception to honor your daughter and her new husband.

Mother of the Bride Speeches Samples – Not Just For The Busy, Run-Off-Your-Feet Mother of the Bride


Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you think.

>> First, write down the special times you’ve had with your daughter over the years.

Write down the good memories you’ve shared with her, whether she was a child, teenager, or young woman.

>> Secondly, write down those qualities that make your daughter unique – and very special in your eyes.

It could be her personality.

It could be her kindness or compassion.

It could be her intelligence.

It could be her accomplishments and successes that she’s achieved so far.

>> Finally, once you have these general thoughts on paper it’s time for expert guidance.

And you get that expert guidance with speech samples.

They’ll make your writing a lot easier.

They’ll include jokes and one-liners and quotations that you can add to your presentation.

They’ll show you how to start and finish with impact.

When time is at a premium, samples of other tributes is the fastest way to write a funny and sentimental speech that honors your daughter.

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Speech Tips


Of all the tips I can give, here are the most important…

1. Keep It Short

There’s nothing worse than a tribute that’s rambling and long winded.

That’s why you need samples to help guide you.

You’ll see how long they are and how they flow smoothly from the beginning to the final toast.

2. Try Not To Read Your Presentation

Reading your speech will affect your delivery and can make it sound boring.

It also makes you look as though you’re nervous.

And you don’t want people thinking that – even if you are.

Instead, you want to appear poised and confident.

By all means keep your notes handy.

But don’t read them word for word.

3. Spend Time Rehearsing

I realize time may be short for you as the wedding day draws near.

But practicing does make a huge difference.

Memorize your toast. It’s the last part of your presentation and it should be flawless.

Not only will rehearsing and memorization help you polish your tribute before your daughter’s big day, it will also give you confidence as you stand before your guests and deliver the best ever Mother of the Bride Speech.

I wish you every joy and happiness at your daughter’s wedding!

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Wedding Speech Examples – Father Of Groom Speeches

If you’re like most people, the flush of pleasure at being asked to give a wedding speech at a reception quickly turns to a gnawing fear in the pit of your stomach as reality sinks in and you consider that you’ll have to stand in front of hundreds of guests as you pay tribute to the Bride and Groom.

wedding speeches for allBut it’s not just the fear of speaking in public that makes you apprehensive.

It’s also the thought of coming up with something that is memorable and that doesn’t leave you feeling humiliated in front of strangers.

You’d like your speech to be funny.

And you’d like it to convey your feelings for the Bride and Groom.

Chances are you’re in a quandary because even though you have a vague idea about how to approach your speech, you don’t really know what words to use.

And you very likely don’t have wedding jokes that will fit with your tribute.

Of course, you also have to end with an uplifting toast.

Are You Nervous – Even Terrified – About Giving A Wedding Speech?

If you’re like most people, the thought of speaking in public is nothing short of terrifying.

You’re not sure whether you’re up to the task.

And you don’t want to be embarrassed – even humiliated – with a terrible speech.

That’s where Wedding Speech Samples are worth their weight in gold – without paying a king’s ransom.

They’re templates you use to create your own presentation from.

>> You’ll see how to begin.

>> You’ll see what wedding jokes to use.

>> You’ll have samples of toasts to end your tribute with.

But, best of all, you’ll be able to choose the words that convey your feelings.

Or convey humor without embarrassing the guests or the newlyweds.

Wedding Speech Samples Make Your Writing Quicker And Easier

Sometimes the right words just don’t come to mind.

Even after giving it some thought for a while, you still don’t know where to begin.

And that’s perfectly understandable.

Now…you could hire someone to do the work for you.

And you’d pay at least $100. Usually a lot more than $100.

What’s more, you’ll still have to do a lot of the work.

You’ll have to provide information and come up with anecdotes so someone can craft your presentation.

Instead, you can do it yourself – for a lot less.

That’s when you need an outline – your “blueprint” that guides you along.

You’ll see how much easier it is to say the words you want to when you have samples in front of you.

While the wedding speech samples that are recommended on this site cover most of the speeches at a reception, you won’t find one of the most important tributes – and that’s the Father of the Groom Speech.

And rather than adapt another template – such as the Father of the Bride’s tribute – to your Father of Groom Speech, I thought you’d rather find a set of examples that are specifically written just for you as Father of the Groom.

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Best Man Speech

The Best Man Speech is expected to be humorous. In fact it’s usually designed – and even expected – to slightly embarrass the groom in a friendly and good natured way.

best man speechSo while sentiment might be presumed from the tribute given by the Father of the Bride or Mother of the Bride or Father of the Groom, to some degree the very opposite is anticipated from the Best Man.

Usually the Best Man is the groom’s best friend or a close relative.

The opening will include how honored he is to be chosen as best man and what the relationship with the groom means to him.

The best man will usually launch into an anecdote or two about the groom. Sometimes his jokes or stories are clearly fictitious and are meant to be humorous.

Of course, it’s not all about the groom.

The best man also acknowledges the bride and compliments the groom on his good fortune – usually with a remark that he still doesn’t know how the groom was so lucky to find such a wonderful woman to marry him.

Occasionally, the best man will augment his speech with a slideshow with real or made up photos of the groom or situations the groom was allegedly in.

In fact, if you can, this is one of the best ways to add humor to your presentation and make it a memorable tribute to the groom.

And like all other tributes to the bride and groom your presentation will end with a toast to the newlyweds.

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
MC Speeches | Father of the Groom | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Ways To “Kick Up” Your Best Man Speech

When you begin writing your presentation, you’re going to wonder what you should talk about.

Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

1. The groom’s habits.

For example, the groom might have a reputation for always being late. You can include that in your presentation and tie it in with your own duties and responsibilities and how the groom wouldn’t have made it to the altar without your help.

Alternatively, this is might be the only time you can remember him ever being on time for an important appointment.

2. A funny story about the bride and groom’s first date or how the groom pursued the bride – and you were afraid he’d be charged with stalking – and begged her for a second chance after making a complete fool of himself on their first date.

3. A short story about an amusing event you and the groom shared either as friends or as colleagues or as school or college buddies.

4. Your observations about why you think the bride and groom are perfect for each other.

This could include their personalities, interests, careers, or other qualities that might complement each other in some unusual way.

5. What changes you have noticed about the groom since he met his bride.

For example, he might be more forgetful because his mind is on his bride. Or his normally gloomy face might light up when her name is mentioned or talk about her to the point of driving his friends crazy. Or he might be more fashionable in his choice of clothing or have a more stylish haircut to impress her.

6. What qualities the groom has that make him such a wonderful “catch” and why the bride is so lucky to have him as her husband.

Best Man Jokes

You’re expected to tell jokes and be funny as you pay tribute to the groom and his new wife.

But there are limits to what you should say.

Revealing things that are private about the groom’s life might seem funny but can be embarrassing.

Your best sources for jokes are those from personal experience and those that are included in speech samples.

1. Personal Experience

Chances are you know the groom very well.

And it’s very likely that you and the groom have been in humorous situations together.

Think back on the times you’ve shared together and note down anything that was funny.

2. Samples

Speech samples are also a wonderful source of one-liners and jokes.

Choose those that are appropriate and that apply to the groom.

Or modify them to suit the circumstances.

3. Made Up Situations

Another source for Best Man Jokes is to make up situations.

This is particularly effective if you’re doing a slide show.

You can use baby photos of the groom.

You can use other photos – allegedly of the groom but clearly not of him.

Or you can “modify” photos to suit your presentation.

Creative Best Men have used slide shows very effectively. Just make sure the projection equipment is all set up and works properly or your whole presentation could be ruined.

4. The Experience of Others

If you have no background information to call upon then ask close friends and family for humorous situations you can talk about.

Acknowledge who you got the information from.

For example, “The Groom’s father very kindly shared this story with me….”

Best Man Speech Tips

The success of your speech depends on several factors:

1. Avoid drinking before your presentation.

You’ll need a clear head so you can focus on your delivery.

2. Make sure you include the bride in your tribute.

Your speech isn’t all about the groom – it’s about the couple.

Leaving the bride out of your tribute would be a major breach of etiquette.

3. Practice repeatedly.

Your best man speech should be practiced well before the reception.

If possible have someone critique it for you to make sure it has rhythm and the humor isn’t offensive.

4. Avoid reading from your notes.

The more you practice the more likely your speech will sound natural and unrehearsed.

By all means have your notes with you but use them as reminders not as the cornerstone of your delivery.

5. Use sound judgement when making wedding jokes and using humor.

It might seem funny to reveal confidences or past relationships or the groom’s indiscretions but it’s embarrassing to the bride and groom and their families.

There is a certain rhythm and tempo to jokes and humor. Practice to ensure the jokes or humor don’t fall flat.

6. Sometimes the Best Man is also the Wedding MC in which case you’ll have to prepare MC Speeches as well.


Click on the following link for our Detailed Best Man’s Duties Checklist


How To Get Started

If you’re still wondering how to get started then Best Man Speech Templates and Examples is the way to go.

They make your writing time faster and easier.

You’ll get lots of great ideas – very likely ideas you never even thought of.

These templates also include jokes, one-liners, quotes, and toasts – the very thing you need to make your tribute a rousing success.

You’ll immediately see how to word your tribute so it’s funny but doesn’t offend anyone.

You’ll also get a section on how to be more confident when you make your Best Man Speech.

There’s nothing worse than being so nervous that you’re a complete wreck and your tribute is an embarrassing flop – and that’s the last thing you want to happen.

Instead, with samples and public speaking tips as your guide you’ll discover ways to confidently stand before the guests – many of whom will be strangers – with complete self-assurance.

Best Man Speech Samples

Find out more about Best Man Speech Templates and Examples (the foregoing link will take you to a premier supplier of wedding speech templates including the Best Man Speech, for which I may receive compensation at no extra cost to you).

May your presentation and tribute be a rousing success – even a standing ovation!

Wedding Speech Samples – Wedding Speech 4 U

How To Write The Perfect Wedding Speech

It doesn’t matter whether you’re the Groom, Father of the Groom, Bride, or a member of the Bridal Party one fact remains – you’ll feel the pressure to deliver a speech that is both funny and poignant.

wedding speech 4uIf you’re like most people who are called upon to make a wedding speech, you’ll be flattered to be honored with the task.

But as you think about what you’re going to say and try to put those thoughts into words, you’ll find it’s much harder than you originally thought.

How do you express your heartfelt sentiments about the bride or groom?

How do you add humor to your presentation that’s tasteful and funny – that gets a laugh from the guests and the newlyweds without offending or embarrassing anyone – including you.

Those are questions that run through everyone’s mind as they begin to create their wedding speech.

If the very thought of writing a tribute to the Bride and Groom seems overwhelming then you’re definitely not alone.

It’s a common feeling for those chosen for this important task.

Some people fall into the trap of thinking that it’s easier to “ad lib” their presentation.

They think they’ll say just a few “off the cuff” words and finish with a toast and it will be sufficient.

It’s a huge mistake to do that.

In fact, you could find it to be humiliating as you stumble with your words in front of hundreds of people.

You’ll be distracted with the noise of people talking as you speak.

You’ll feel uncomfortable – even panicky. In the back of your mind you’ll think, “This is not going well.”

And if you’ve had a few drinks to bolster your courage you’ll only make matters worse.

Most people are not comfortable with public speaking to begin with.

The added pressure of a formal event such as a reception can get the better of their nerves when the crucial time comes to deliver their speech.

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
MC Speeches | Father of the Groom | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Wedding Speech Sample Templates

It’s an honor to be asked to give a speech.

And it deserves more than a few minutes scratching some words out on a piece of paper.

Wedding Speech Templates are designed to guide you through the speech writing process by giving you professional examples.

Of course, what the Father of the Groom says in his tribute will be entirely different from what the Mother of the Bride says.

And the Groom’s speech is a completely different format from that of the Father of the Bride.

And that’s what you’d expect – the Best Man is going to tell different anecdotes and have different memories than the Mother of the Bride.

The sentiments will be different.

The Mother of the Bride remembers the Bride as a young girl who has blossomed into a beautiful woman.

The words the Best Man uses will very likely be different from those used by the Mother of the Bride.

That’s why templates are so useful – there are different examples for many of the people who will be called upon to address the guests.

WeddingSpeech4U, for example, is a highly regarded speech template service which provides outlines for many of the speakers at a reception.

Its focus is on providing well-written, professionally worded examples for the type of speech you’ll be writing.

It will help you choose the BEST words….the RIGHT words that express your sentiments.

It will also give you wedding jokes and one-liners.

You’ll be able to see almost at a glance what wedding jokes are appropriate.

And you might choose to use a one-liner to begin your presentation.

Best of all, it’s like being guided step-by-step through the speech writing process – all the way from the opening line to the finishing toast to the Bride and Groom.

Why Choose Wedding Speech Samples

If you had someone create a speech (and toast) from scratch you’d very likely pay $100 or more.

Some speech writers charge even more.

And you have to give them the material to work with.

With speech samples you can mix your own material in with proven material that has been written by professional writers.

Best of all, you can mix and match.

Choose something that’s sentimental.

Add humor.

Or combine humor and sentiment in your tribute.

Cut and paste parts of different speeches to create your own unique presentation and tribute.

When you use Wedding Speech Samples you craft a memorable speech using proven words that evoke humor and emotions.

You’ll find the task much faster and easier than starting from scratch and trying to find the right words that will have so much meaning to the newlyweds.

And there’s an added bonus when you craft a memorable speech…

When you’re well prepared…

…when you’ve practiced your speech and toast…

…you’ll feel much more confident when you stand in front of hundreds of guests to deliver your tribute.

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Father of the Groom Speech

How To Deliver Your Father of the Groom Speech With Composure and Confidence

A Father of the Groom Speech is a proud moment for any father whose son is getting married.

Father of Groom SpeechIt’s a milestone in both the father’s and the son’s lives.

It’s also a time of great joy as a new member is welcomed into the family and as parents look forward to grandchildren down the road.

The relationship between a father and his son is usually very close which makes your presentation an important and significant one.

You may have shared special times together: Cheering your son on at his sports events. Or showing him how to fix or build things. Or helping him with his homework. Or helping him buy his first car. Or watching him grow from a young boy to a teenager to a confident man. They’re all rites of passage and milestones in both his life and your life.

Of all the wedding speeches, this is the one that your son will listen to intently.

Your speech will at first be directed towards and talk primarily about your son.

You will talk about how pleased you are to see your son grow into someone who you can be proud to call your son.

The secret to the Father of the Groom Speech is to include the Bride as well.

Because you’re not only addressing your son, you’re addressing the couple as they begin a new life together.

Be sure to comment on how lucky your son is to have found such a wonderful woman. This can also be a topic for light humor as you shake your head in feigned amazement at how your son was able to find someone who could put up with him.

In addition to including the Bride in your speech, it’s appropriate to also welcome the bride’s family.

Include a comment on how pleased you are to know them and how you and your wife look forward to getting to know them even better.

What To Include In Your Father of the Groom Speech

Most people don’t know what to talk about in their speech.

Here are a few ideas for your presentation as the Father of the Groom:

1. You can talk about memories of your son as he was growing up.

2. You can talk about your son’s accomplishments.

3. You can talk about your first impression on meeting the bride.

4. You can talk about your son’s “habits” and how they changed once he met the bride.

For example, your son might have been a bad dresser before but after meeting his future wife he was into fashion and wearing stylish clothing to impress her – for which you’re thankful.

Speech Tips

Here are some useful tips for delivering a Father of the Groom Speech:

1. You can include humor, sentiment, anecdotes, words of wisdom, or quotes to get your point across.

2. You might also indicate that you speak on behalf of your wife and yourself unless your wife will be addressing the guests as well.

3. Don’t ramble on or be long winded. Keep your sentences short and easy to understand.

4. Don’t use words that people don’t understand – it will make you look pompous and it will lessen the effect of your presentation.

5. Your tribute should be about 3 to 5 minutes in length and should end with a toast to your son and his new wife.

6. Don’t read your notes. Instead, look at the audience and focus your attention on the newlyweds.

7. Rehearse what you’ll say until you feel confident you can deliver a polished tribute.

Get Expert Guidance With Speech Samples

Let’s face it – writing a speech isn’t easy.

It takes thought.

It takes time.

And it takes the right words to create the sentiments you wish to convey.

That’s why sample speeches are such a good idea.

They’re inspirational and give you ideas on how to word your tribute.

Best of all, they make the writing process a lot easier.

There’s no stressing over what to say or how to say it.

You have professionally written examples right in front of you to guide you step-by-step so you can convey the right mixture of pride and love.

Father of the Groom Speech Examples

The Bride and Groom will hang on your every word when you rise to address them.

And when it comes to the Father of the Groom tribute, the Groom in particular will be listening intently to what you have to say.

Your words of love.

Your words of pride.

Your expressions of humor.

Your memories.

Your amusing anecdotes.

No matter what you choose in your tribute to your son and his new wife, every single word you speak will have a deep meaning – especially to your son.

So it’s important that you start your presentation with impact.

And that’s where examples can help you a lot.

Instead of staring at a blank piece of paper wondering how to begin, you’ll instantly see how to lead off your presentation.

This is where you get inspiration and ideas when you craft your own tribute.

You add your own content.

You choose the words that best convey your feelings and sentiments.

And you finish on a high note with a toast to the Bride and Groom.

These days we want things to be done quickly and easily.

But when it comes to a wedding, you also want to be thorough.

If you forget mentioning the bride…

If you forget to welcome the bride’s family…

If you forget to acknowledge your wife if she’s not making a separate speech…

…You’ll end up embarrassed.

And you’ll feel terrible because you missed including important people in your presentation.

You don’t want to leave out significant parts of your presentation simply because you didn’t have a guide by your side to take you through the writing process.

That’s why I recommend you use examples to help you with your writing.

What better way to honor your son on this special day of his life than with a speech you wrote from the heart…and from Wedding Speech Examples.

Your Father of the Groom speech shouldn’t be a time of anxiety and stress. Instead, take the time to prepare a tribute that you’ll be proud of because it conveys your heartfelt feelings towards both your son and his new wife.

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MC A Wedding: Bride and Groom’s Guide

It’s not unusual for there to be an MC at a wedding reception.bridefunwedding2

The Master of Ceremonies can also be the Best Man although a separate MC is quite common.

Usually, a reception won’t have an MC if it’s a short one or there are not very many events planned.

For example, if the reception is an intimate one with a small number of close friends and family or has only a few events because it’s a short reception, then it’s unlikely that an MC would be required.

Bride and Groom: How To Decide Whether To Choose A Novice MC or A Professional MC

If you’re the Bride and Groom, there’s no need to agonize over whether to choose a personal or professional Master of Ceremonies.

It really comes down to your budget and the person you choose as MC.

If you have a huge budget or the reception is elegant with many dignitaries, a professional MC might be the wisest choice.

In this case, a professional will normally have more experience in hosting small and large receptions.

And an MC who has extensive experience will be well versed in organizing the events and following the agenda to ensure everything runs smoothly and on time.

He or she will know how to warm up the audience, have a repertoire of wedding jokes, know how to introduce speakers, and will display a high level of confidence.

If the reception has many dignitaries, then the Wedding Speeches and Toasts will be a major event. And it’s critical that introductions be made properly and that the event doesn’t become boring.

Choosing A Novice Wedding MC

Many Brides and Grooms choose a novice MC to conduct their reception.

First, it’s a way of honoring someone close to the Bride and Groom.

In most cases, the MC knows the Bride and Groom or their families personally.

So it feels more intimate to have someone the newlyweds know conduct their reception.

As well, in many cases the wedding budget doesn’t allow for an expenditure of hundreds or thousands of dollars for hiring a professional.

As I said, the novice MC is usually a close friend or family member.

It might be the Best Man.

It might be the Father of the Groom.

The advantage of having a close friend or family member as MC is that they’ll want to do an outstanding job to make your wedding a memorable celebration.

What’s more, they may know many of the people who will be giving wedding speeches and toasts. That makes it far easier to prepare introductions for the speakers and help them prepare their tributes.

Qualities To Look For In A Novice Wedding MC

There are certain qualities that an MC should have. They are particularly important at a reception where there is an agenda and timeline to follow.

These attributes include:

1. Extroverted personality – You need someone who is outgoing. A mixer. Someone who isn’t afraid to meet new people and talk to them.

2. Well organized – You need someone who can multi-task and who doesn’t freak out when having to keep an eye on several things at once.

3. Gracious demeanor – You need someone who is courteous and kind and treats everyone equally and is sensitive to traditions.

4. Well spoken and articulate – You need someone who has command of the Queen’s English and is clear and can be understood.

5. Fun to be around – What a joy to be around someone who is fun, someone who makes you feel good and makes you laugh.

6. Confident – Your MC should be composed and self-assured, secure in the knowledge that what he or she does is the right thing to do.

7. Enthusiastic – Everyone loves enthusiasm and a person who is eager to enjoy things.

8. Reliable – You must be able to sit back and know that things will be done the right way and on time.

Choosing a novice MC means they probably won’t be familiar with the duties and responsibilities of the Wedding MC.

He or she will need to prepare MC Scripts…prepare an agenda or run sheet…make MC Speeches…introduce the Bridal party…introduce the Bride and Groom as they make their Grand Entrance…make Wedding MC jokes…co-ordinate the entertainment…and create a fun time for the guests and the newlyweds.

It’s a huge responsibility.

And not one to be taken lightly – by the newlyweds or the MC.

When you consider that the average wedding cost is over $25,000 in the U.S. and up to one-half of that amount can be spent on the reception, it’s important that you choose an MC who will do a good job.

But it’s more than doing a good job.

It’s also about making it a fun time for everyone.

The reception is what many guests will remember about the wedding.

So you want to ensure that things go smoothly.

And you want to create a fun experience for them.

If you’re the Bride and Groom, you shouldn’t just hand the reins over to someone and trust that they’ll know what to do.

Instead, it’s much wiser if you can help your MC get up to speed with their duties.

A Comprehensive Guide For You And Your Wedding MC

And there’s only ONE guide, in my opinion, that’s comprehensive enough to do that – one that takes a novice Wedding MC practically by the hand and shows him or her how to prepare a FUN and Memorable reception.

Your MC will discover:

1. How to create an itemized agenda from start to finish

2. How to prepare a reception timeline that lists all the events

3. How to prepare the Welcome Speech – one of the most important MC Speeches – at the start of the reception

4. How to prepare FUN introductions of guest speakers and toasters

5. What to include in entertainment and FUN activities – whether it’s an indoor or outdoor reception (plus ideas for fun activities for the kids!)

6. What to check for at the reception venue so there are no last minute surprises before the party gets underway

7. How to prepare for introducing the Wedding Party, the Bride and Groom’s Grand Entrance, the dancing (including the First Dance), the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, and the final farewell

And that’s just the beginning. There is so much MORE…

The Bride’s Guide To A FUN Reception is filled with checklists, preparation sheets, forms, and tips – all designed to make the reception run smoothly while everyone is having the time of their life.

You can save hundreds – even thousands – of dollars by selecting your own Wedding MC.

And you can rest easy that your reception will be in good hands knowing your MC is following a Comprehensive Guide – your guide – that turns your reception into a FUN time as you celebrate one of the most important days of your life.

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MC Speeches

Every MC at a wedding wants to know what to say in the MC Speeches.

mc speechesWhen one thinks about an MC Speech the “traditional” speech and toast come to mind.

This is frequently not the case though. In most speeches, the speaker – who could be a father of the bride or mother of the bride or best man, for example, gives a tribute to the bride and groom. (The exception, of course, could be when the best man is also the MC.)

In most cases the Master of Ceremonies plays a different role at the reception because he or she assumes the role of facilitator and co-ordinator.

And because of that role, MC speeches are entirely different.

Usually, they are not one short speech and toast.

Instead, they consist of announcements, introductions of guests, and transitions of events.

The First MC Speech At The Reception

The Master of Ceremonies opens the reception with a Welcome speech.

If you’re the Master of Ceremonies, this is the time when you introduce yourself, outline the events that will take place during the agenda, make any announcements – including where facilities, guest book, and gift table are located – and get the guests prepped for a celebration of the marriage they have just witnessed.

Your Welcome to the guests is the ice breaker – for them to warm up to you and get to know you. After all, you’ll be addressing them throughout the reception.

Your Welcome should be upbeat and humorous if it suits your personality.

The Welcome speech isn’t the only time the MC will address the guests.

The wedding speeches and toasts event is where the Master of Ceremonies will introduce the speakers to the guests.

These introductions are determined by the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts.

Each speaker is introduced with a short preamble before he or she begins his or her own tribute.

Creative and fun MC’s don’t just say “The next speaker is…”

Instead, they have done their homework.

They have a concise biography of each speaker so they can make the introduction fun, interesting, and entertaining.

MC Speeches carry over to announcements. The Master of Ceremonies is the “guide” throughout the reception and announces important events including grace, meal time, entertainment, wedding games, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, cake cutting, special events during or after the reception, and the final farewell.

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
MC A Wedding | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Exceptions To Traditional Speeches

Two exceptions where the Master of Ceremonies would give the traditional wedding speech and toast are the absence of a speaker or by special request from the bride and groom.

Sometimes a speaker is unable to attend the reception in which case the newlyweds will ask the MC to stand in and make either a speech or a toast.

Occasionally, both the bride and groom don’t wish to make a formal speech. In this case, they will ask the MC to thank the guests on their behalf.

Standalone Toasts

As well, there may be occasions when you will be asked to make a stand alone toast instead of the traditional tribute.

The toast to absent friends and family is one you may be asked to give.

Usually this is to honor those who are deceased but were close to either the bride or groom or both of them.

Other toasts could include one to acknowledge someone who has made a major contribution to the planning of the wedding – such as the Mother of the Bride – or a toast to the Queen.

In most cases, your toast begins with a brief preamble that leads straight into the toast.

As you can see, your preparation for MC Speeches is entirely different from preparing a traditional tribute to the newlyweds.

Your focus is on introducing speakers and events. This will require preparing background information on speakers and dignitaries as well as knowing the sequence of events from the agenda.

Your MC Speeches should enhance the reception and make it fun.

In effect, your speeches are transitions – from one speaker to the next or from one event to the next.

When you do the transitions well the reception events flow smoothly.

Conversely, poor transitions interrupt the flow of events and activities and slow down the rhythm and tempo of the reception.

The success or failure of a reception often hinges on the Master of Ceremonies.

And when the bride and groom – or their families – have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours preparing for this special event, it’s essential that the Master of Ceremonies be chosen with care.

Qualities of a Wedding MC

Most receptions that have an MC have someone who is known to the bride and groom rather than a professional Master of Ceremonies.

In some cases this is a budget consideration. In other cases, the bride and groom don’t feel it’s necessary – which generally is true if your MC has the right guidance.

However, it should be remembered that the success or failure of the newlywed’s special day rests primarily with how well the MC organizes the reception and its events.

That’s why it’s important to pick the right person for the job.

Here are several qualities that a Master of Ceremonies should have:

1. Outgoing personality
2. Good organizer
3. Confident
4. Cool under pressure – someone who doesn’t get flustered easily

Factors To Consider When Choosing An MC For A Wedding

1. The size and complexity of the reception

A short, afternoon reception with few events is unlikely to need a separate Master of Ceremonies. In this case, the best man might also play the dual role of MC.

A longer reception with entertainment, games, and traditional events, on the other hand, requires a Master of Ceremonies to ensure things run smoothly. The MC in this case may or may not be the best man.

2. The Length of the Reception

Shorter receptions – or those that are more intimate with fewer guests – won’t require a Master of Ceremonies.

Large receptions with hundreds of guests and that span a number of hours will require an MC.

3. The size of the Bridal Party and the number of Speakers

A wedding with a large bridal party and several speakers will usually require an MC – someone to make introductions and help transition speakers and events.

The Master of Ceremonies will not only help with introducing speakers but can also help in ensuring events move along steadily and take place on time.

4. Whether you want a Master of Ceremonies to introduce your speakers

If you have dignitaries or a large number of speakers – usually more than three – then it’s generally a good idea to have an MC to do the introductions.

Are You A Novice Wedding MC And Don’t Know How To MC A Wedding?

Being asked to MC a wedding reception is a HUGE honor.

But with that honor comes a lot of responsibility.

And if you’ve never been an MC at a wedding before, then you probably don’t know what is involved in preparing for the event.

For example:

1. How to create an agenda and timeline.

2. What to say in your MC Scripts.

3. What types of activities and entertainment to have at the reception.

4. What types of contingencies to plan for in case things go wrong.

5. How to make fun introductions at the Wedding Speeches and Toasts event.

And that’s just the beginning. There’s a lot more you need to know about your duties and responsibilities.

Fortunately, there’s a complete Guide to being a Wedding MC…

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Order of Wedding Speeches And Toasts

One of the most common questions I’ve found that is asked when planning a reception is, “What is the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts?”wedding speeches order

The Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts designates who gives a wedding speech or toast at the reception and depends primarily on whether you’re keeping with tradition or you want to do something unique for your wedding.

There are several things to consider as you organize the speeches and toasts event at the reception:

1. The time allotted to the event which also depends on how long the reception is
2. The total number of speakers
3. How to avoid having the event turn into something that is boring
4. Whether the Master of Ceremonies will provide introductory MC Speeches for each speaker
5. Time limits imposed on speakers

In addition to the order, the bride and groom will have to decide when they want to hold the speeches and toasts section during the agenda’s timeline.

Who Will Give A Toast or Speech

Usually the bride and groom or the planners will choose who will take part in this event.

Once the agenda is drawn up the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts will determine who will be speaking and when they will be speaking.

In most cases, various members of the bridal party will expect to give a speech or toast. This will include the best man, and the maid or matron of honor, in particular, and can also include the bridesmaids.

Close members of the family including the father of the bride, mother of the bride, father of the groom, and mother of the groom will usually want to give a speech.

Choose those people who are willing to give a speech or toast. You don’t want to choose people who are reluctant to talk in public and are so nervous about public speaking that they embarrass themselves – and you – in front of your guests.

It’s entirely appropriate to give speakers guidelines on what is appropriate or inappropriate content for their speeches as well as how long their speech should last.

In this case, buying the speakers speech samples or templates can be a thoughtful gift that pays dividends by making the speeches polished and memorable instead of an embarrassing nightmare.

If you’re the bride or groom you can also enlist the help of the Master of Ceremonies in reviewing the speech guidelines with the speakers.

Of course, the groom is also expected to address his guests. And these days, it’s not uncommon for the bride to say a few words of thanks as well.

Giving a groom or bride speech is a personal one. If the very thought terrifies you – and you’re either the bride or groom – then it’s entirely appropriate to ask the Master of Ceremonies to stand in and make a speech instead or to forgo this event entirely except for having the best man make a toast.

If you’re the Wedding MC, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Weddings Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – MC

If you’re the Bride, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – Bride

How To Be Creative In Choosing The Order

One creative way to order the toasts and speeches is to know beforehand what will be said.

This serves three purposes:

First, there are no surprises when it comes to the appropriateness of the content – including anecdotes, wedding jokes, or other humor.

Secondly, it enables the MC to get to know the speakers so he or she can create introductions for each of them.

Thirdly, the MC can finish this event on a high note which keeps the tempo of the reception upbeat as he or she leads into the next event on the agenda.

For example, if there is a speech which has funny wedding jokes or humor in it then you might want to end this event with this particular speaker.

Alternatively, you might want to start the event with a hilariously funny presentation – which could, for example, include a slideshow.

This latter alternative is more likely to attract the guests’ attention especially if some feel from past experience at other receptions that this event will be long and boring.

If you choose this creative format for ordering who speaks, it’s appropriate for the Master of Ceremonies to determine the lineup since the bride and groom should not be made aware of what will be said in their honor at their reception.

Exceptions To The Predetermined Order

There are two exceptions to the predetermined order.

First, there are the “open” speeches and toasts part of the event.

In this situation, the floor is open to anyone to give a speech or toast after the formal lineup of speakers has finished.

This can include friends, family, and colleagues.

The disadvantage to this is that the event can drag on since these speeches and toasts are not prepared beforehand and can become long winded and repetitive.

In some cases they can also become embarrassing since sometimes spontaneity overrides good taste and common sense in an attempt to be humorous.

The second exception is when one of the speakers is unavoidably absent or is expected to be absent but wants to send his or her good wishes to the newlyweds by way of a pre-recorded voice or video message.

It’s up to the wedding planners or the bride and groom to determine when the pre-recorded message will be played.

If you’re the Wedding MC, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Weddings Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – MC

If you’re the Bride, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – Bride

When To Hold The Wedding Speeches and Toasts During The Reception

When to hold the speeches and toasts event during the reception depends on the agenda.

It can also depend on traditions in the region or country you live.

One other thing to consider is the guests – you have to decide where in the agenda it is best for this event to be held so the guests are less likely to be distracted.

Choose a time when there are few distractions.  The serving of dinner or the clearing of tables, for example, are not good times.

You can break up the speeches and toasts or you can have them all as one event.

For example, you could have the Father of the bride and the Father of the groom give their speeches and toasts before the main meal with the other presentations later on.

Alternatively, this event could be held before dinner – which is quite common – or right after the main meal or some other event on the agenda.

If time is at a premium, consider having some people give their speeches or toasts at one of the pre-wedding parties.

The rehearsal dinner, for example, is a good time for tributes and good wishes from family and friends or those who would not normally be required to give a tribute at the reception.

Whichever wedding speeches order you ultimately decide upon, with careful planning it can become one of the most memorable events of your reception.

Wedding Toasts

In almost all cases your wedding toast follows your presentation.

wedding toastsIt becomes the “finale” of everything you’ve said leading up to it.

The toast differs from your speech in that it is brief.

It’s entirely appropriate for it to be succinct – a few short words before you and the guests raise your glasses in honor of the newlyweds.

Rarely is it very long – but there are exceptions that I’ll discuss later.

Usually, after your main speech, you’ll say something like, “Please join me in wishing the bride and groom long health and happiness in their marriage. To the bride and groom!” (And you will raise your glass.)

An alternative to that would be: “Would you all please rise and join me in wishing the bride and groom much happiness in their new life together.”

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
MC Speeches | Father of the Groom | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

One exception to a short toast is if you’re quoting something.

For example, you might quote a short poem, a proverb, a statement from someone famous, or part of a song.

In that case, it might be somewhat longer.

But keep in mind the longer you make this finale, the less impact and meaning it could have.

Toasting Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the traditional toast at the end of your presentation.

A toast can also be a “standalone” tribute in which case it is not preceded by a speech.

Instead, it is preceded by a brief introduction that immediately leads into asking the guests to raises their glasses to acknowledge the bride and groom.

Sometimes cultural traditions will involve the ritual of toasting the bride and groom. This entails going from table to table. If you have a large number of guests then this can take some time. This particular tradition should be taken into account when creating an agenda and timeline to ensure this event doesn’t run too long and that subsequent events start on time.

No matter which toast you give – a standalone one or one at the end of your tribute to the bride and groom – it usually has a general theme to it. And that’s to wish the bride and groom health, happiness, prosperity, and best wishes in their new life together.

There is one other exception to the traditional tribute to the newlyweds that you might not know about.

And that’s a special acknowledgement to someone who has made a noteworthy contribution to the planning.

In this case, it’s not the traditional accolade to the bride and groom.

For example, if the mother of the bride has contributed an enormous amount of time to the planning and preparation of the wedding or the bride’s parents have made a significant financial contribution then it’s entirely appropriate to acknowledge their contribution and how much it has meant to the newlyweds.

Whether you’re giving a wedding speech or toast it’s a good idea to make sure that the guests’ glasses are filled before this special event takes place.

Usually the MC will ensure this is done either by making a general announcement or making arrangements with the venue or catering personnel but you should still take note that it has been done.

It may or may not be appropriate to ask the guests to stand as you finish your presentation – the Master of Ceremonies or bride can give you guidance with this.

You can either ask your guests to raise their glasses or to stand and raise their glasses.

Giving a wedding toast – or speech – is a huge honor.

It’s not something to be taken lightly because it’s an acknowledgement of the special relationship you have with the bride and groom.

It also requires considerable thought, preparation, and practice to be effective.

So be sure to prepare early and choose your words wisely so that your toast ends on a high note and honors the newlyweds in their new life together as a couple.

Discover How To Create The Perfect Wedding Toast

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