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Every MC at a wedding wants to know what to say in the MC Speeches.

mc speechesWhen one thinks about an MC Speech the “traditional” speech and toast come to mind.

This is frequently not the case though. In most speeches, the speaker – who could be a father of the bride or mother of the bride or best man, for example, gives a tribute to the bride and groom. (The exception, of course, could be when the best man is also the MC.)

In most cases the Master of Ceremonies plays a different role at the reception because he or she assumes the role of facilitator and co-ordinator.

And because of that role, MC speeches are entirely different.

Usually, they are not one short speech and toast.

Instead, they consist of announcements, introductions of guests, and transitions of events.

The First MC Speech At The Reception

The Master of Ceremonies opens the reception with a Welcome speech.

If you’re the Master of Ceremonies, this is the time when you introduce yourself, outline the events that will take place during the agenda, make any announcements – including where facilities, guest book, and gift table are located – and get the guests prepped for a celebration of the marriage they have just witnessed.

Your Welcome to the guests is the ice breaker – for them to warm up to you and get to know you. After all, you’ll be addressing them throughout the reception.

Your Welcome should be upbeat and humorous if it suits your personality.

The Welcome speech isn’t the only time the MC will address the guests.

The wedding speeches and toasts event is where the Master of Ceremonies will introduce the speakers to the guests.

These introductions are determined by the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts.

Each speaker is introduced with a short preamble before he or she begins his or her own tribute.

Creative and fun MC’s don’t just say “The next speaker is…”

Instead, they have done their homework.

They have a concise biography of each speaker so they can make the introduction fun, interesting, and entertaining.

MC Speeches carry over to announcements. The Master of Ceremonies is the “guide” throughout the reception and announces important events including grace, meal time, entertainment, wedding games, the bouquet toss, the garter toss, cake cutting, special events during or after the reception, and the final farewell.

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
MC A Wedding | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

Exceptions To Traditional Speeches

Two exceptions where the Master of Ceremonies would give the traditional wedding speech and toast are the absence of a speaker or by special request from the bride and groom.

Sometimes a speaker is unable to attend the reception in which case the newlyweds will ask the MC to stand in and make either a speech or a toast.

Occasionally, both the bride and groom don’t wish to make a formal speech. In this case, they will ask the MC to thank the guests on their behalf.

Standalone Toasts

As well, there may be occasions when you will be asked to make a stand alone toast instead of the traditional tribute.

The toast to absent friends and family is one you may be asked to give.

Usually this is to honor those who are deceased but were close to either the bride or groom or both of them.

Other toasts could include one to acknowledge someone who has made a major contribution to the planning of the wedding – such as the Mother of the Bride – or a toast to the Queen.

In most cases, your toast begins with a brief preamble that leads straight into the toast.

As you can see, your preparation for MC Speeches is entirely different from preparing a traditional tribute to the newlyweds.

Your focus is on introducing speakers and events. This will require preparing background information on speakers and dignitaries as well as knowing the sequence of events from the agenda.

Your MC Speeches should enhance the reception and make it fun.

In effect, your speeches are transitions – from one speaker to the next or from one event to the next.

When you do the transitions well the reception events flow smoothly.

Conversely, poor transitions interrupt the flow of events and activities and slow down the rhythm and tempo of the reception.

The success or failure of a reception often hinges on the Master of Ceremonies.

And when the bride and groom – or their families – have spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours preparing for this special event, it’s essential that the Master of Ceremonies be chosen with care.

Qualities of a Wedding MC

Most receptions that have an MC have someone who is known to the bride and groom rather than a professional Master of Ceremonies.

In some cases this is a budget consideration. In other cases, the bride and groom don’t feel it’s necessary – which generally is true if your MC has the right guidance.

However, it should be remembered that the success or failure of the newlywed’s special day rests primarily with how well the MC organizes the reception and its events.

That’s why it’s important to pick the right person for the job.

Here are several qualities that a Master of Ceremonies should have:

1. Outgoing personality
2. Good organizer
3. Confident
4. Cool under pressure – someone who doesn’t get flustered easily

Factors To Consider When Choosing An MC For A Wedding

1. The size and complexity of the reception

A short, afternoon reception with few events is unlikely to need a separate Master of Ceremonies. In this case, the best man might also play the dual role of MC.

A longer reception with entertainment, games, and traditional events, on the other hand, requires a Master of Ceremonies to ensure things run smoothly. The MC in this case may or may not be the best man.

2. The Length of the Reception

Shorter receptions – or those that are more intimate with fewer guests – won’t require a Master of Ceremonies.

Large receptions with hundreds of guests and that span a number of hours will require an MC.

3. The size of the Bridal Party and the number of Speakers

A wedding with a large bridal party and several speakers will usually require an MC – someone to make introductions and help transition speakers and events.

The Master of Ceremonies will not only help with introducing speakers but can also help in ensuring events move along steadily and take place on time.

4. Whether you want a Master of Ceremonies to introduce your speakers

If you have dignitaries or a large number of speakers – usually more than three – then it’s generally a good idea to have an MC to do the introductions.

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4. What types of contingencies to plan for in case things go wrong.

5. How to make fun introductions at the Wedding Speeches and Toasts event.

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Order of Wedding Speeches And Toasts

One of the most common questions I’ve found that is asked when planning a reception is, “What is the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts?”wedding speeches order

The Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts designates who gives a wedding speech or toast at the reception and depends primarily on whether you’re keeping with tradition or you want to do something unique for your wedding.

There are several things to consider as you organize the speeches and toasts event at the reception:

1. The time allotted to the event which also depends on how long the reception is
2. The total number of speakers
3. How to avoid having the event turn into something that is boring
4. Whether the Master of Ceremonies will provide introductory MC Speeches for each speaker
5. Time limits imposed on speakers

In addition to the order, the bride and groom will have to decide when they want to hold the speeches and toasts section during the agenda’s timeline.

Who Will Give A Toast or Speech

Usually the bride and groom or the planners will choose who will take part in this event.

Once the agenda is drawn up the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts will determine who will be speaking and when they will be speaking.

In most cases, various members of the bridal party will expect to give a speech or toast. This will include the best man, and the maid or matron of honor, in particular, and can also include the bridesmaids.

Close members of the family including the father of the bride, mother of the bride, father of the groom, and mother of the groom will usually want to give a speech.

Choose those people who are willing to give a speech or toast. You don’t want to choose people who are reluctant to talk in public and are so nervous about public speaking that they embarrass themselves – and you – in front of your guests.

It’s entirely appropriate to give speakers guidelines on what is appropriate or inappropriate content for their speeches as well as how long their speech should last.

In this case, buying the speakers speech samples or templates can be a thoughtful gift that pays dividends by making the speeches polished and memorable instead of an embarrassing nightmare.

If you’re the bride or groom you can also enlist the help of the Master of Ceremonies in reviewing the speech guidelines with the speakers.

Of course, the groom is also expected to address his guests. And these days, it’s not uncommon for the bride to say a few words of thanks as well.

Giving a groom or bride speech is a personal one. If the very thought terrifies you – and you’re either the bride or groom – then it’s entirely appropriate to ask the Master of Ceremonies to stand in and make a speech instead or to forgo this event entirely except for having the best man make a toast.

If you’re the Wedding MC, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Weddings Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – MC

If you’re the Bride, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – Bride

How To Be Creative In Choosing The Order

One creative way to order the toasts and speeches is to know beforehand what will be said.

This serves three purposes:

First, there are no surprises when it comes to the appropriateness of the content – including anecdotes, wedding jokes, or other humor.

Secondly, it enables the MC to get to know the speakers so he or she can create introductions for each of them.

Thirdly, the MC can finish this event on a high note which keeps the tempo of the reception upbeat as he or she leads into the next event on the agenda.

For example, if there is a speech which has funny wedding jokes or humor in it then you might want to end this event with this particular speaker.

Alternatively, you might want to start the event with a hilariously funny presentation – which could, for example, include a slideshow.

This latter alternative is more likely to attract the guests’ attention especially if some feel from past experience at other receptions that this event will be long and boring.

If you choose this creative format for ordering who speaks, it’s appropriate for the Master of Ceremonies to determine the lineup since the bride and groom should not be made aware of what will be said in their honor at their reception.

Exceptions To The Predetermined Order

There are two exceptions to the predetermined order.

First, there are the “open” speeches and toasts part of the event.

In this situation, the floor is open to anyone to give a speech or toast after the formal lineup of speakers has finished.

This can include friends, family, and colleagues.

The disadvantage to this is that the event can drag on since these speeches and toasts are not prepared beforehand and can become long winded and repetitive.

In some cases they can also become embarrassing since sometimes spontaneity overrides good taste and common sense in an attempt to be humorous.

The second exception is when one of the speakers is unavoidably absent or is expected to be absent but wants to send his or her good wishes to the newlyweds by way of a pre-recorded voice or video message.

It’s up to the wedding planners or the bride and groom to determine when the pre-recorded message will be played.

If you’re the Wedding MC, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Weddings Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – MC

If you’re the Bride, click the link below for your copy of the Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts:

Click link below for your copy of
Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts – Bride

When To Hold The Wedding Speeches and Toasts During The Reception

When to hold the speeches and toasts event during the reception depends on the agenda.

It can also depend on traditions in the region or country you live.

One other thing to consider is the guests – you have to decide where in the agenda it is best for this event to be held so the guests are less likely to be distracted.

Choose a time when there are few distractions.  The serving of dinner or the clearing of tables, for example, are not good times.

You can break up the speeches and toasts or you can have them all as one event.

For example, you could have the Father of the bride and the Father of the groom give their speeches and toasts before the main meal with the other presentations later on.

Alternatively, this event could be held before dinner – which is quite common – or right after the main meal or some other event on the agenda.

If time is at a premium, consider having some people give their speeches or toasts at one of the pre-wedding parties.

The rehearsal dinner, for example, is a good time for tributes and good wishes from family and friends or those who would not normally be required to give a tribute at the reception.

Whichever wedding speeches order you ultimately decide upon, with careful planning it can become one of the most memorable events of your reception.

Wedding Toasts

In almost all cases your wedding toast follows your presentation.

wedding toastsIt becomes the “finale” of everything you’ve said leading up to it.

The toast differs from your speech in that it is brief.

It’s entirely appropriate for it to be succinct – a few short words before you and the guests raise your glasses in honor of the newlyweds.

Rarely is it very long – but there are exceptions that I’ll discuss later.

Usually, after your main speech, you’ll say something like, “Please join me in wishing the bride and groom long health and happiness in their marriage. To the bride and groom!” (And you will raise your glass.)

An alternative to that would be: “Would you all please rise and join me in wishing the bride and groom much happiness in their new life together.”

Wedding Speeches Table of Contents
MC Speeches | Father of the Groom | Order of Wedding Speeches and Toasts

One exception to a short toast is if you’re quoting something.

For example, you might quote a short poem, a proverb, a statement from someone famous, or part of a song.

In that case, it might be somewhat longer.

But keep in mind the longer you make this finale, the less impact and meaning it could have.

Toasting Exceptions

There are some exceptions to the traditional toast at the end of your presentation.

A toast can also be a “standalone” tribute in which case it is not preceded by a speech.

Instead, it is preceded by a brief introduction that immediately leads into asking the guests to raises their glasses to acknowledge the bride and groom.

Sometimes cultural traditions will involve the ritual of toasting the bride and groom. This entails going from table to table. If you have a large number of guests then this can take some time. This particular tradition should be taken into account when creating an agenda and timeline to ensure this event doesn’t run too long and that subsequent events start on time.

No matter which toast you give – a standalone one or one at the end of your tribute to the bride and groom – it usually has a general theme to it. And that’s to wish the bride and groom health, happiness, prosperity, and best wishes in their new life together.

There is one other exception to the traditional tribute to the newlyweds that you might not know about.

And that’s a special acknowledgement to someone who has made a noteworthy contribution to the planning.

In this case, it’s not the traditional accolade to the bride and groom.

For example, if the mother of the bride has contributed an enormous amount of time to the planning and preparation of the wedding or the bride’s parents have made a significant financial contribution then it’s entirely appropriate to acknowledge their contribution and how much it has meant to the newlyweds.

Whether you’re giving a wedding speech or toast it’s a good idea to make sure that the guests’ glasses are filled before this special event takes place.

Usually the MC will ensure this is done either by making a general announcement or making arrangements with the venue or catering personnel but you should still take note that it has been done.

It may or may not be appropriate to ask the guests to stand as you finish your presentation – the Master of Ceremonies or bride can give you guidance with this.

You can either ask your guests to raise their glasses or to stand and raise their glasses.

Giving a wedding toast – or speech – is a huge honor.

It’s not something to be taken lightly because it’s an acknowledgement of the special relationship you have with the bride and groom.

It also requires considerable thought, preparation, and practice to be effective.

So be sure to prepare early and choose your words wisely so that your toast ends on a high note and honors the newlyweds in their new life together as a couple.

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